345 Nursery School is situated on the edge of Wandsworth Common, in the heart of the borough. We offer a safe, happy atmosphere in which children aged 2–5 years of age can explore and discover learning is fun.

Our Aim

Our aim is for all children to leave 345 Nursery School with:

  • A positive disposition for learning
  • A strong emotional and intellectual foundation, confident to embark on their next stage of schooling

We achieve this by using a combination of both Traditional and Montessori methods, giving children the chance to experience both structured and free play, thereby developing at their own pace.

Teaching Ethos

The highly motivated teaching team at 345 nurture the children through role modelling and extending the children’s learning through carefully planned activities following their interests and developmental stage. This enables children to reach their full potential emotionally and intellectually.

We make sure all areas of learning are interlinked as extensive research highlights that young children learn in a variety of ways, by making sense of their life experiences. At 345 we build on these experiences by providing innovative play opportunities and activities in the indoor and outdoor learning environment. This helps children to work individually and collaboratively to problem solve and make connections between experiences – ultimately promoting critical thinking.

We recognise and value the important role that parents have in their child’s development and embrace their involvement with the school. Parents are actively encouraged to share their child’s experiences outside of school so that we can further develop their interests.

The Curriculum 

The Early Years Foundation stage – the Government framework for education and care for children aged 0 to 5 – emphasises that children develop at different rates. At 345 Nursery School we create personalised learning opportunities following a child’s interests. We believe this is paramount to successful learning.

We initially focus on Personal, Social and Emotional development which:

  • Builds the individual’s confidence
  • Helps them to voice their feelings and views
  • Forges positive relationships
  • Helps children become sociable beings

This leads onto support and development in other areas:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world; and
  • Expressive arts and design

Extra Curriculum Activities 

Our extra curricular activities are a particularly memorable parts of a child’s experience. There is no extra charge, all activities are included in the termly fee. Specialist staff teach these weekly activities which include:

  • Sport
  • Drama
  • Spanish language
  • Music and Movement

Future Schools

We are in regular touch with the neighbouring schools through regular visits and are happy to advise parents on the next step for their child. Children go to a variety of schools including:

Finton House
Thomas’s Clapham
Thomas’s Fulham
Beatrix Potter
Hornsby House
The Roche
Wandsworth Prep


The 345 Nursery School Policy Statement and Procedures are influenced and underpinned by the following Acts, Legislation and Government Recommendations, Policies and Mandatory Frameworks:

  • Children’s Act 1989
  • Children’s Act 2004
  • Prevent duty guidance 2015 EYFS
  • Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
  • Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Board
  • London Child Protection Proceedures (5th Edition 2015)
  • SEND code of practice 2015
  • Equality Act 2010
  • EYFS Statutory Framework 2015
  • Working Together To Safeguard Children 2015
  • Keeping children safe in education Statutory guidance for schools and colleges 2015
These have been reviewed and updated in September 2017.  New parents will have the policies made available to them. Please contact us for more details or arrange a visit to discuss.