345 started out in Annabel Dixon’s kitchen some 30 years ago when she was persuaded by a number of friends that a nursery school was needed in Wandsworth. Annabel remains absolutely passionate about giving children the right start in education. She believes that the happiness of the child is paramount for successful learning. ‘We are so privileged to be involved in the first steps of your child’s education and it is vital we make it a happy and enriching experience’.

Annabel trained as a Montessori teacher and has selected what she believes to be the best strands of education to make 345 what it is today. She holds a diploma in SpLD; has extensive experience of special needs teaching and has worked as an Educational Advisor. Annabel is also Secretary of WINA (Wandworth Independent Nursery Schools Association).

All the staff are open to learning are given training opportunities for continual professional development.

Next Stage

We are in regular touch with the neighbouring schools through regular visits and are happy to advise parents on the next step for their child. Children go to a variety of schools including:

Finton House
Thomas’s Clapham
Thomas’s Fulham
Beatrix Potter
Hornsby House
The Roche
Wandsworth Prep