The principle aim of 345 Nursery is to make sure your child has the happiest start on their educational journey and to ensure that when they leave us they have gained a sense of independence, self-confidence and a desire to learn. We are proud to be an independent nursery school and employ high-calibre staff who nurture each and every child.

345 provides a safe, happy and warm atmosphere where children have the chance to experience both structured and free play and to develop at their own pace. We particularly value the importance of learning in the outdoors and collaborating as a team whilst promoting responsibility. Throughout their day, whether at play, involved in art and craft or any other activity, the children will be learning a variety of social and communication skills – sharing and caring for others, expressing their opinions, coping with their emotions, natural inquisitiveness and growing awareness of all that is around them.


  • I am extremely proud of how well my 3 children were prepared for their next stages in life. All that has been totally down to you and the fabulous teaching they had at 345. They are content with themselves, confident, inquisitive and seem to treat learning as an adventure and something of wonder. They enjoy friendship and see kindness as natural.